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The 2 productions occupy 2 similar but entirely seperate stories realities.
Why is that such a hard concept to grsasp?

Especially since G:80 has been considered some kind of bad dream/alternate reality since for as long as i can remember.
There is absolutly no established cannon in either TOS or G:80 that proves that theory out, fans just accept it...

So just accept this as no more relevant than G:80
This airing of this production will not cause your memories of the original to be altered.
Universal will not be altering the footage of the original episodes to omit Dirk Benidict as starbuck.

The same way 2 or 3 diffrent versions of count of monti cristo, robin hood or the ring can exist side by side on the video store shelf Multiple versions of galactica can exist as well. And like those folms peole will prefer one version over the other.

If you want to see an actual for real rewriting of a franchise look to the StarWars films.
They are actualy being altered from there original form to incorporate new themes and ideas.
I's lucas' bebby and he can do it but that is a group of fans that has actualy had somthing taken away from them.
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