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Default Re: For the Larson Supporters

Originally Posted by Senmut View Post
As fans, we did not wish to fight. mefrely to have our feelings respected. Some of the characters in the original were almost like a sort of ersatz family, that we looked in on every Sunday night. Seeing them treated in such a fashion hurt. Kind of like having someone pour icky stuff all over your Grandma's picture.
I like (and concur) with this post very much. I remember when Richard started showing his trailer on the Sci-Fi Con circuit in 1998 and how thrilling it was to see it in-person on two separate occasions at local cons. I later read via different internet sites about how Glen Larson, who actually owned the film rights to BG, was working to make the on-again, off-again Battlestar Pegasus movie, and then even later, being so very excited about the Singer/DeSanto production. In fact, a local con coincided with the announced Fox production and featured guests Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, and Herb Jefferson. Herb and Dirk opened a panel to a standing room audience (probably 200+ people in a relatively small room) and answered as many questions as they could regarding the new DeSanto series and their roles, and then Richard came in and showed his trailer.

After that, when the Singer/DeSanto production fell behind due to 9-1-1 and then later was cancelled and the reimagined mini-series was announced for Sci-Fi, my interest has waned considerably. This forum has really been the only outlet, other than a few (emphasis on few) bones thrown at the original fans by Dynamite comics and watching the original series on DVD...
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