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Default Re: It's Me, 14th Colony

I'm positively pissed, people! Well, not quote that dramatically, but I wanted to make a point. Brian Singer, I"m pointing at you, man.

Several years ago--2004, '05, or '06-- I wrote a rough draft for what I intended to be a Battlestar Galactica novel. I posted it here in the Library section and several CF users got to read it. Mind you, I'm talking about what was basically a 30 or 40 page summary. It is no longer in the Library, I just checked, and I think I recall asking a mod to take it down at some point. Anyway, what was the title of my BSG draft? It was Battlestar Galactica: Futures Past.

Yeah that's right, Brian Singer, I got my dagger eyes on you, boy.

Now of course I don't think Singer is a secret member of Colonial Fleets stealing story titles, and I was told yesterday that the title Futures Past was always an X-Men title as taken from an X-Men comic story in the 1980's but that doesn't change the fact that I thought it was original when I came up with it, and now if I do get my book finished and published, it won't be an original title at all and I might not even be able to use it after all. That's what gripes my goat most of all, I guess. I was only mentioning that I had posted it here in 2005 or 2006 to see if anyone remembers reading it,
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