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Default Re: Need some help: USAF and BG-related

Originally Posted by peter noble View Post
Okay, I've had a BG/G80 story in mind for a while and one of the characters needs to be an ex-USAF pilot who must have had to have left the service due to a psychological condition.

Is this scenario possible (I'm thinking that therapy would not have worked) and what would the USAF's term for such a condition and discharge?
Peter -

It's been nearly thirty years since I worked in USAF personnel, but I'll do my best to answer that question. An officer that has been declared medically unfit for duty is usually required to resign his commission as a military officer and then go through the process to separate (i.e. "discharge") from active duty service. In plain laymen's terms, it is a medical discharge due to being unfit for active duty.

I found a website that has a list of military separation codes - most are synonymous from one branch of the service to another:
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