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Default Re: lone ranger question

To answer your question:
The Little Boy is Dan Reid the Father of Britt Reid The Original radio and Movie Serial Green Hornet
In the original story Dan Reid was just a baby when the events of The lone ranger's Origin were played out.
Years later the Ranger and Tonto were up in the high Border country (Ie just south of Canada) when they stopped a group of Bandits seeking to Rob an elderly lady named Grandma Frisby and her Grandson (by adoption) named Dan who was by that point, in his early teens.

Dan and his mother had been with the Old lady Frisby on a wagon train headed to texas from Virginia. Indians attacked and wiped out almost everyone among the wagon train Dan's mother perished but Grandma Frisby survived and got Dan away from the Massacre. There was a little Gold Locket with Dan's First name inscribed on it It contained the pictures of Dan's parents.The Lone Ranger then identified himself to Dan and the (dying) old woman. He took Dan along on some adventures before sending him off to college.

Dan eventually went into the Newspaper business and founded the Daily Sentinel. when Dan's son came of age, he was given control of the Sentinel while Dan went back west. Britt Reid saw the way the crooks were operating in the big city at that time and knew the only way he could really get them was to play their own game back at them with his newfound friend Kato, Whom he had saved on a trip abroad* Britt Reid Became the Green Hornet.

The Lone Ranger Movie last year was a fun movie but I'm not sold on it as an origin movie for the character. My own personal choice is 1981's Much Maligned The Legend of the Lone Ranger.

*Kato's origin has been told many times. In the radio shows he was Philipino, in the chapter serials he was Korean and of course in the TV show he was chinese. (The NOW comics series marry many of these together by making the 30's-40's Kato Japanese posing as Philipino and his son the 60's TV Kato Half Japanese/Chinese)
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