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Default Re: The Hobbit - "An Unexpected Journey"

Saw the 48fps 3D full wide screen version. I thought it made the spfx blend with the live action better, but by making the live action match the fx so the whole thing was a bit unreal. Fine for fantasy and I'm sure James Cameron will do amazing things with it for Avatar II but until I see it on a non fantasy live action flick the juries out for me on its benefits.

Plot was slow at the start, but I didn't find the extra background material an issue.

Casting was spot on (again)

Looking forward to 2 & 3..


oh, As expected parents were bringing young kids to this then having to leave part through. if it has a M rating (recommended for 15 years and over) there is a good reason.. Again I blame the marketers and all the liscenced support merchandise aimed at 8 year olds. The young girl in front of us was spooked by the other trailers (esp the capture Osama one) an advancement for cultural harmony now she believes all women in burkahs pack assult rifles
She didn't last as long as Frodo leaving the shire.
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