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Default So long and no thanks for the fish....

Just chit chat thread.
edit, meant to title it "So long and no thanks for the fish,,, doh.

Lately I made a few animated siggies. And on the game server forum there is a small graphics section. I posted them there.

Oh, and now have a text list of requests. I do not mind doing them.
Is a good way to learn things fast and gain more materials,gain more experience and insight.

First of all, let me ask this. If a person commits atrocities,kills many,does horrible things, is all out bad attitude and disposition-it is called evil. But if an animal,earthquake,hurricane tsunami,meteor does same, it is nature. Hmmmm.

So, this person is not evil. It is his nature.

He requested a siggie- all he said was name and flames and I fill in the rest (they all do).

this is what I made

-car model by Thasuma and I also found a tut for making it. :-)

So, his response was, don't like the animation, the grenade,font,style
he liked the last flames was all.

My you do someone a favor and spit on ya, so, is this evil or nature?

any way glad to be back on CF for a spell. and trying to get some BSG
clips made. hope to make some really good scenes for yall to witness
in part 2 BOA- working title Battlestar Down.

Those EVIL Cylons are at it again lol.
-ever get that feeling from a movie trailer you cant wait to see it-
that is what it does to me.
So much to learn , so little time, and so many ideas with so little knowledge and so much to discover with so many things to try.

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