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Yoo knoww, Iy may not beee a gun fighterr, orrr a treashurre hunter orrr a shword fighter, and yoo'r probbablee wondering what, is a place likke me, doing in a girrl like thissh....... 9now where have I heard that before???)


I'M HERRRE FOR THE THREEAD, thank you very much fellassss*hiccup*...

Ohhh sweetie, BsCGEv4er....EvsCBG4r...SBGEC$ 4evrr4688890330(no wait,,thatss my fone number)*hic*..frack..what was your namme agaainn????

Anyyywayy, yoo don't hhhate mee for stealling the ..wait..was is thisss thingg again???
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