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Originally Posted by jewels
I'd have to agree with everything Titon said plus add this: You can't think of Richard without words like enthusiasm and passion. Vision is there and he can be a bugger to work with (most visionaries are!), but the depth of the man's enthusiasm and passion are virtually boundless. I just hope someone will see and understand just how good and grand and special Magellan is. It's got something that whether you like sci-fi, fantasy or action-adventure, or epic tales: it has it all. Plus the wholehearted belief by the creator in the story they've created. It flows in with Farscape, Firefly and especially B5 in that regard. Plus really cool spaceships that do some insanely wonderful things.
Very well written ................ One thing I'd like to add to those who say
Richard is a very BITTER person trying to 'recapture' past glory. Richard
was offered many, many scripts even AFTER BSG. He turned them down
because he believed in BSG.

He's not trying to 'recapture' lost glory. He's trying to protect that
'glory' (the glory of the BSG/TOS universe) from people like BH and RDM.
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