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Default Cylon Encounter BSG TOS CGI

Am posting here first- don't spank me too hard for doing poorly.

Am not sure if I helped or hurt BSG lol.

A short film based on original Battlestar Galactica. Really an amibitous undertaking for as green as I am.(3 mos-in 3d)
Lots of mishaps,mistakes,messups tween clips and takes.
Man this is a lot of work to do this. Not as good as I had hoped. Then again I am impressed some with that I did achieve this with no training,education or experience.

This was a learn as I went deal.Does seem cheesy and stiff and gamey. Will keep at it and will get better am sure.
It started out so well and went south. Just do not have the experience and knowledge yet.Am almost reluctant to post it.I do like how the titles(intro and closing) turned out.

I am a bitter self critic, it is never good enough.In this case I Do not have the expertise yet to do better.I plan on making another BSG soon.
Need to work on some other things first.

If anything you get to hear that score again.- Am watching the full season again- watched saga of star world #1 5x now in 5 days.
-The new series I have not rewatched and dont plan too-

I remember when Star TRek TNG first aired in 1986-87?, it was NOT a disappointment.
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