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Part 2

They did not travel through Independence Kansas so every even depicted here never took place.

They never passed people in tents never saw people with hand guns, never saw whores. They most certainly would never have paid for a bath that would have been extravagant in the extreme to them. The amount of money they would have paid for a bath would have equalled weeks of food. They never went to the homestead office. In the little house books they just arrived at a certain place on the prairie and called it home. In real life Pa had purchased the land long before they ever left the Big Woods, so no need to go to any office.

Jack would never have been with them if they were not right beside the wagon if they left the wagon for any reason Jack would have been left behind to guard it.

Pa did not carry a riffle around with him all the time he only carried it if he was going hunting or off by himself in the woods and their was a chance he might need to protect himself from animals.

They never stood and prayed for their land in fact there is no mention of prayers at all the only time they ever said prayers was at bed time.

Mother never had leather gloves – another extravagance.

Laura never saw an Indian child nor found a bead.

There is no description of Pa meeting Mr. Edwards provided in her book only that Pa had met him in the woods. So that little scene is completely imagined.

Mr. Edwards never had a horse.

Mr. Edwards did not leave when Pa began to play the fiddle he stayed a long time and even danced and sang.

The canvas never blew away and Pa was never portrayed as clumsy he never slipped on the rafters.

Laura never went to Mr. Edwards place

Pa and Laura never rode double back on a horse.

Pa was never attacked by wolves.

In fact here is a quote from the book describing the wolf incident.

“It was a big pack,” Pa said. “All of fifty wolves, and the biggest wolves I ever saw in my life. Must be what they call buffalo wolves. Their leader’s a big grey brute that stands three feet at the shoulder, if and inch. I tell you my hair stood straight on end.”

“And you didn’t have your gun,” said Ma.

“I thought of that. But my gun would have been no use if I’d had it. You can’t fight fifty wolves with one gun. And Patty couldn’t outrun them.”

“What did you do?” Ma asked.

“Nothing,” said Pa. “Patty tried to run. I never wanted anything worse than I wanted to get away from there. But I knew if Patty even started, those wolves would be on us in a minute, pulling us down. So I held Patty to a walk.”

“Goodness, Charles!” Ma said under her breath.

“Yes. I wouldn’t go through such a thing again for any money. Caroline, I never saw such wolves. One big fellow trotted along, right by my stirrup. I could have kicked him in the ribs. They didn’t pay any attention to me at all. They must have just made a kill and eaten all they could.

I tell you, Caroline, those wolves just closed in around Patty and me and trotted along with us. In broad daylight. For all the world like a pack of dogs going along with a horse. They were all around us, trotting along, and jumping and playing and snapping at each other just like dogs.”

“They came along with us, a quarter of a mile or more. That big fellow trotted by my stirrup as if he were there to stay. Then we came to the head of a draw, running down into the creek bottoms. The big grey leader went down it, and all the rest of the pack trotted down into it, behind him.”

Quite different than the mini version in which Laura and Pa are ridding together and a wolf jumps through the air pulls Pa off the horse and attacks him Pa screaming at Laura to go and leave with the horse while he is attacked by a pack of wolves and Laura is racing away on a horse and turning back to watch her father being attacked by a pack of wolves.

That’s all I’ve done for now there is a bit more to do to finish this first episode but this should give some idea of where their painstaking accuracy missed the mark LOL!
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