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WTF? Re: BG-13: Greetings From Earth

Originally Posted by kingfish View Post
This one is perhaps the worst one ever made. The Eastern Alliance couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. The ship the Earthlings/Terrans were on was from Buck Rogers In The 25TH Century. This episode was the beginning of the end of a great concept. Hector and Vector at least knew the difference between the genders however. I also noticed that this 2 hour episode had the opening narration by Patrick Macnee included in it. Larson was hoping for a spin-off series.
this was were starbuck was first shown as a girl maybe this was where they got the idea. ps they should have backtracked and gotten those raider's left out of fuel at living legand, and used hector/vector as the basis for suicide fighter's the cylon scanner's would pick them up as robot's not human just a thought.
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