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Great read Bishop!

Everything you need to know about the universe Galactica exists in is to be found in the script, the Cylonís raison díetre, Uriís rise to power etc. In fact the political machinations are mostly kept off screen and are just a couple of lines here and there, mainly because Larson doesnít want to bore his audience silly with political shenanigans and also because they really arenít the focus of the show.
That paragraph speaks volumes about how Moore doesn't get Battlestar Galactica. He had to rewrite the villain because he didn't pay attention. He forgot or didn't care that when people tune in for a show titled Battlestar Galactica they expect a sci-fi adventure program. I'd argue the ratings reflect that. This can be done today with gritty reality and done with out feathered hair.

Itís easy to write off Lorne Greeneís performance with some lazy Bonanza put down if you want to criticise, but heís really the star of the whole damn show!
Exactly lazy, Greene is a no talent hack because he worked on a popular show of a more inocent time? Greene, I own the edtited two hour theatre version but never watch it because to many of his great moments are left out.
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