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Originally Posted by antelope526
During the Terra episodes didn't the narrator say that the colonials had escaped the cylon tyrrany and now faced the "alliance"? It seemed to me like the shows are out of order and that Hand of God should have been the last cylon episode prior to the Terra episodes. You can't have cylons before Terra and after Terra but they are no threat or issue to Terra.

Was Hand of God thought up at the last minute and no thought given to overall story continuity?
The reference to escaping the Cylons dealt with losing them after "War Of The Gods." You then have one lone Cylon basestar, sent out to a distant region to lie in position on "the rim of the galaxy" in the hopes of finding the Galactica so thus, this baseship never crossed paths with Terra.

And yes, you can have "Hand Of God" after Terra for a simpler reason. You can not have Adama agreeing to release Baltar in exchange for information, and then have him back in prison staging a prison break in the second episode of the Terra trilogy.
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