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Originally Posted by Dragon Lord

I can see Mr. Use-to-be is still being pissy about not getting his version off the ground. He seems to be bitter in his old age. I think he needs a vacation.

I hope Larson and DeSanto don't involve him in their continuation movie. Mr. Hatch really needs to lighten up a bit and get over it.

I write this not to offend fans of the Original, because I also am a huge fan, and want a continuation, but Hatch really needs to get a life and move on. He should really focus on the "Magellan Project" I read about once. That seems like something interesting to do.

Dragon Lord Tibbetts
Um, Richard's about the least bitter guy you're ever going to meet. He's frank about what he feels but he doesn't bear ill towards Moore. He might despise the direction Moore took with BSG. From what I understand, more because he's convinced (as are a lot of the folks from the original show) that Moore could have done better or been upfront and ditched the BSG references and done his own show.

And Richard's always got tons of other stuff going on, so it's really just these interview snippets that make it look like he hasn't moved on.
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