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Originally posted by Viper4
Gads, the memories... So I started out flipping between the two. By the time the show ended, I didnít care who married whom on the Hardy Boys, it just didnít matter anymore. I donít think I even watch another Hardy Boy episode. It was BSG all the way - and still is!
OMG - talk about flashbacks! That episode was Last Kiss of Summer, BTW, and one of my favorites <g>. He married Jamie, and forever crushed my love for Shaun Cassidy <g>.

We ran BG on the other TV and I kept running back and forth. Before the move was done, I was in love with Richard Hatch. Okay - I was fickle at 10 By the time I was 12, I'd collected every Glen Larson book, built models of both Cylon attack craft and Vipers, and had collected all the trading cards. You wouldn't believe the ribbing I took when I offered my collection to the library case for display... girls just didn't WATCH such things! Yeah right... they didn't pick Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict for the boys.

I also remember watching the movie in the theater. I fell asleep (hey, I was only 10 - and we'd watched Love at First Bite first) and cried the whole way home because I'd missed it. Y'know - I'm glad I'm not a kid anymore!

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