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I take it, one of the projects will have something to do with removal of that "hideous wing?" That car looks great for 1984, sans the unfortunate aftermarket add-on (have to agree with you about it!)

I like cars as they were supposed to be, not the hot-rod versions (though to each his or her own). I can still tell '55-'57 Chevys apart thanks to my car-obsessed dad. My favorites: Auburn boatails, Duesenbergs, '55-57 corvettes, and mid-50's Metropolitans (the car that Lois Lane drove in the '50s Superman TV show).

It might be a good time to buy a 1930's Ford, Russell. I've heard some prices that were relatively low for even Model A's on some of the shows on history channel. At one time my dad wanted a Model A, but at that time they were worth more than he'd paid for our house 10 years before. He found a '53 Ford Crestline Victoria, 2dr. hardtop and worked on redoing it instead. His first car had been that model.

Good luck finding a model you like.

When dad was working on his there was a magazine called Hemmings Motor News that carried ads for all sorts of New Old Stock parts. that's probably on the internet if it still exists, I'm sure there's a better spoiler for the Mustang out there some where if you want one, Bryan! They used to have stuff for even '30s cars in the early '80s.
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