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Default Somethin like this

Starbuck sat there expressionless until he heard footsteps. O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 entered Hammond's office. O'Neill immediately noticed the expression on Starbuck's face.

O'Neill: I haven't seen a look like that since my son hated what we were having for dinner.

Teal'C looked at O'Neill wondering what in blazes was he talking about.

Teal'C: Jaffa children are less bothersome.

General Hammond: Getting back to the business at hand we were discussing, this man had no idea of his location so I told him exactly on what planet he is.

Daniel: I see. Starbuck if I may interject? I have seen the log from your ship and found it outstanding.

Starbuck: You would.

Hammond now became irratated.

General Hammond: Cut the witticisms.

Starbuck: You truly don't understand.

O'Neill: Understand what?

Starbuck: My people were praying that this planet would be our salvation from our enemy the Cylons but from what I have observed this planet isn't sadly.


O'Neill: We are still waiting for a reasonable explanation.

Starbuck: I just gave you one.

O'Neill: I am talking about a reasonable one.

Starbuck looked all around the room as all eyes were on him. Suddenly the door opened again and in walked Cyla!!!
There were a number of guards with her all armed to the teeth. Starbuck felt something he thought he would never feel for a Cylon, pity. He was certain that the humans would decide to perform experiments on her to see what made her tick.

Guard#1: Have a seat.

Cyla glanced at the human and hissed as if irritated to the point of speechlessness, Cyla obeyed, however. Starbuck was relieved because he suspected that the humans were now out for blood even though they had no idea what they were dealing with.
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