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A little update on some of my projects.
I mad a bit of progress on my game/interactive story project last year but didnt share anything.
THIS thread was about names, so on that topic I decided to use name "Lemures" for a troubled IL series, and the name "Stratton" for the name of the main human character, both names have ancient meanings.
I was originally going to tell my story only through the Game (preferably in VR)
but something came over me and I started writing.

The story picks up with the Colonial fleet orbiting the planet Ki shortly before the fleet moves on. (I think virtual season 2 ep 2 or 3 ). Thats where it spins off with a small group on a secret mission going a different way.

Anyhow, The release of Unreal Engine 5 (still beta) is going to make a lot CGI stuff I wanted to do really easy and fast (and now possible). So I'm going to get back on it.
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