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Default Re: Saga of a Fugitive Fleet - 4 Audio Dramas - OUT NOW!

Another random thought on these fine dramas. People like me who always hope that anything that is a continuation of Galactica makes an allowance of some kind that something eventually developed between Apollo and Sheba post-HOG can point to two tantalizing hints along the way in the stories.

First, in "Space Mutiny" after Boxey gives a report on what he can see of the bridge and how his cockpit is up against the negative shield (allowing him to deliver the great line about the Colonel seeing this and going crazy!), Sheba's next line is "That's my boy." (Suggestion of a stepmother type relationship at this point?)

And then in "Paradise Void", confirmation at least of a relationship comes from Bojay's observation that Sheba is one of the few who can get through to Apollo at present because of what he calls her "more personal capacity" with him. Not explicit but just enough for us who want to think that's how it turned out!

I hope everyone who's read about these CDs in this thread has gone ahead with their purchases.
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