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Cool Let the word go forth...

Let the word go forth... to each and every Colony of Man (and Woman! And LGBT, and, well, everyone!)... The Gallery and Downloads are back up and running.

But before I get into that, I want to send you my hopes and positive thoughts during these troubling times. Regardless of your political affiliation or beliefs, we're all in this together on this tiny spec in the Universe. Be safe and cautious. Do not give in to fear and doubt. For those who outright lost jobs, I feel for you. Truly. Things WILL turn around, but it's going to take time. For those that got furloughed, I also hope things are working out ok for you. Hopefully unemployment is available to all of you needing it. I have been fortunate working at the Casino - we're still getting paid even though we're closed/not working during this time.

If you haven't yet, please read this link, then come back here.

I had posted on the front page about looking for alternatives to the Forums script as well as the Gallery/Downloads script, due to the hosting service going to the current PHP7. The scripts don't run on that. Or so I thought. After some tweaking on them, I got the Forums to actually run on PHP7.2, which should be fine for a while. The Gallery/Downloads script, however, needed some major work.

After looking into alternatives, I just could not find anything that met what I wanted them to do. Plus transferring all of the files into a new script would be a major hassle.

Since I have been off work the last few weeks due to the pandemic, I have had time to dig into the scripts. And guess what? I found I *could* get it running on PHP7.2. So it is done - The Gallery and Forums are back!

The Gallery has a couple of new things I added as well - Videos from YouTube and the like can now be posted there, and on Images, when you click on the Preview, the larger version pops up.

And I added a few brand new renders I did during this time off. I won't go into the PC issues I have also had that caused me to not be able to do any website work as well as 3D Art, but if you're connected with me on FaceBook, you've seen my bitching and moaning about that!

Please let everyone you can think of that Fleets is open, and ask them to stop by.

And once again, BE SAFE, EVERYONE!
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