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I'll have to review since its been a while, but I thought the planet in the virtual seasons project with the dinosaur type reptiles was called "Ki"? Anyhow, thats the branching off point for this storyline.

And of course this isnt going to be for everybody, but it is less of a game and more of an interactive story that goes on around you in Virtual Reality. But thats also why i thinking more and more about a traditional written version as well. Right now good VR requires a serious computer and good VR gear (phones and playstation VR are not good gear). Its expensive and a little complicated right now, but in a couple more years the computer requirements will be more average mainstream and the VR gear will be even better and less expensive. Right now its really starting to take off for architectural design and stuff like that. Traditionally games are always what have pushed personal computer advancement along, and now VR technology is growing rapidly and it is probably going to be a fairly mainstream thing in the near future. By the time this project starts getting released, the hardware to really enjoy it will a lot more commonplace I think.
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