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I'm still working on my Virtual season spinoff which branches off from the main story when the fleet leaves KI.

Same project I've been working on for several years, I just dont get much time to work on it. I'm telling the story through a story driven FPS video game format, but I have recently been considering doing a more conventional written version of the story as well.

I havent done very much in over two years, but I've been fixing up some of my 3d models and getting them functional in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) when I get time to do so, which is about 2-4 hours a week lately.

The game is mostly an interactive story that you experience in 3d with full FPS combat and movement. I have an Oculus Rift that I have been using to test my "sets" such as galactica launching bays and hangers, and the fully functional interior/exterior of the colonial shuttle and landram. So far everything's working great with the scale and proportions feeling right.

When I got my Oculus last summer one of the first thing I did was set up the most complete versions of the launching bay, bridge, and landram I had and do a VR walkthrough of each. Even without any texturing applied yet, the still incomplete sets were a blast to walk around in. So after that I immediately adjusted my 3d modeling and game level designs standards and techniques to be compatible with VR, which basically means raising the bar way up for scale, proportions and fine details. This slowed progress, but its so worth it.

The story plays out through short chapters which are basically game levels. I plan to make public releases of individual levels (chapters) as I go rather that wait until the end for one massive release. I'll probably be working two to three chapters ahead when I release new ones.

As I have been writing this an idea occurred to me that makes several things easier. If I do make a fully written version of this story I can also release it one chapter at a time, at the same as the game levels, rather than having to completely finish writing it all the way to the end first. this could speed things up a bit.

But anyhow, I have quite a bit more foundation work to do do before I can show much.

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