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Default Re: Warning: TOS Viper models are becoming scace!

Originally Posted by Apolloisall View Post
You have a Galactica, I take it?
I do... I picked one up in a local hobby shop years ago when it was re-released. It's not much of a kit, but with some scratch-detailing, it would look passable.

I noted that you paid nearly 40 dollars for a Viper that you ordered... You paid way too much - if you take the time to cruise eBay and, you'll find that there are plenty of Viper kits out there and for much less money.

The fact that the kit's been re-released twice in the past 10 years way past the original release date back in 1978 tells me that this kit isn't going to be something that will disappear altogether. If I've ever learned anything by shopping online, there's always another - even if it appears to be the "last one" at that particular moment.

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