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Here it comes....

Handle : Well, I came up with my name when I first went online in 1999. I wanted a name that I could use everywhere, rather than have a name on each Bboard I was on. Given that my surname begins with the letter W, I decided to add something suitable to the end and shortened down the star 'Wolf 359' to 'W359' (after the battle with the Borg in Star Trek : TNG).

Avatar : I got this from the set that was available from a few months ago, it's one of the IL series Cylons on Gamoray from 'The Living Legend'. I chose this as it seemed suitably unique, plus the IL series Cylons had that distinct English accent (what is it about the English accent & villany?)

Signature : Bit of a kooky one this, I got it from a song on the CD '20 Golden Showers' by Bubonique, a David Bowie spoof called 'Ang On Ronno', where this guy is attempting to sing something close to 'Life On Mars', and a sample in the background is saying "Destroy the Tin Machine!" (Bowie's former band, geddit?!)....... Kinda cool, but kinda ironic given that my avatar *is* a tin machine!

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