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Default No avatar..but..

I do not have an avatar because I have not found one that suited me. CaptainTux comes from my love of Opensource software, the free software foundation, and Linux. More importantly is what those things mean to me. It is free as in free speech, not free beer. It is also the sharing of information in a community to improve the community for all. In the GPL you have access to the source code of a program and if you make improvements you submit it back to the originator so the improvements can be sared by all. That is an oversimplification of it all, but here is the main attraction.

My father always told me that you are better than no one. Everyone knows something you do not. If you wish to improve yourself, you should find out what they know and incorporate it into your life. It is only fair to share something you know as well. I write my theologies of life in pencil just in case I learn new information.

If free speech I am hoping to exchange ideas and improve the community I live in with the sharing of knowlege and experiences. For me, CaptainTux represents my willingness to share what I know with others and glean from their knowlege. Should anyone have an idea for an avatar, I am all eyes!

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