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Default this really pisses me off- my mom's medical care

my mom, Dolores pisano needed a hysterectomy to remove a fibroid tumor. They also knew she had lung and breast cancer and biopsy's were done. However before receiving the results the doctors rushed her into surgery. they were going for ovarian cancer and were wrong, the tumor was a mild cancer.
also before sending her for the surgery her entire body wasn't scanned. The PET scan stopped at the base of her skull. she had many complications following the surgery and almost dies because by not scanning her head they missed the fact that she had a minute brain tumor. she also needed emergency surgery to give her a pacemaker because her legs were so swollen which indicated her heart was not working correctly.

after all of that she managed to make a remarkable recovery. then things began to go wrong. She couldn't write her name and i had to push the doctor's to give her a CT scan of the head which showed the minute brain tumor. now she needed radiation for both the lung and brain. the radiation worked by eliminating the brain tumor and shrinking the lung mass by half. the doctor prescribed tarceva which she did not take well to. the drug undid all of the good the radiation did and put her on worse shape. she finally passed february 25th after being in hospice for two days.

the doctor has since left the state and opened a new practice in Colorado. after 15 years in practice he closed his practice abruptly and left his patients in a lurch.

thanks to him my mom went from being a vitally active woman to dead.

i know this is probably not the place for this thread but i need to vent.
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