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Hi, folks! Been working all evening and night. is now the primary domain for my web hosting account at The 10 addon domains are configured. However, all of the domains are currently forwarding to On Wed. evening I will install a newer version of the vBulletin programmes to work with the new server configuration (not to mention a whole bunch of new vBulletin features for Anne, her admins, and the members). And I'm optimizing the new version of the programmes to be accessible and expandable by Anne and her admins in the future with minimal involvement from myself. Fellow techies will understand this: the previous version of vBulletin was heavily modified and customized (hacked), and set up so that I could perform most of the administrative duties. The new version will be geared for Anne and her admins. Hopefully the site will be online Wed. night, but I think it will be Thur. night. Lots of work (spit-polish) that I am doing. But it will be worth it, and the site will be more than ready for Anne when she becomes owner of the domain name. More information to be posted when available.
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