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Default Re: Blackstar Squadron: Battlestar Galactica costuming group.

Originally Posted by Mieal Deneb View Post
Like Reaper, I'm on the wrong side of the country to participate in the walk.

When you say "artwork", are you thinking images from the show Photoshopped into a collage sort of thing, or are you thinking drawing/painting?? I have Photoshop, but rarely get the time to use it. When it comes to art, I mostly draw with colored pencils. See my little Geocities site for some examples:

Angel Monkey Studios
I am at work and their network blocks Geocities sites so I'll check it out tonight when I get home.

As for artwork, I was refering to artwork we can include on flyers and brochures (preferably black-n-white or stencle since this would be cheaper to make multiple copies - xerox)

Now if we can get a booth there this year I would donate one of my laptops with my wireless broad band card and set it up to just browse to our websites and so we can display and show some favorite fan flicks of oBSG and other artwork. This would be a great way to promote CF and what we are doing with our costuming club...and even our up and coming RPG that we have been discussing.

If we do this we will need a portable generator to provide power for the laptop and possibly an external monitor for easier viewing??? Anyone have a large external monitor and a portable generator to donate for the day?
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