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Default Re: Blackstar Squadron: Battlestar Galactica costuming group.

Well if someone has a Cylon costume I know it would go over HUGE at an event I am going to in May, (09 May 09) in Mira Mesa California. It is the "Chalk the Walk" event put on by the Womens Club of Mira Mesa. They are raising funds for the visual arts programs for the Mira Mesa city schools. This would be great way to start off our efforts. I know the director of the event and I could ask her if our BGCC could also participate?

In fact to be a non-profit sponser for their event it just requiers a $25 donation and they will provide a10'x10' space for the club to set up their own information booth and a 3'x3' side walk square to draw a picture of our choice on and get it published on their website.

Something to consider...but it maybe a bit too soon for some of us...BUT you know if someone has a Cylon costume and get one or two warriors there this would be such a success to what we are wanting to do.
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