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Woohoo I've started a successful thread!!
I love finding out what other real people eat and trying it for myself. The stuff in cookbooks is often so 'dinner party' and not 'dinner tonight'

Thanks Taranis for explaining the castor sugar to Flamingo Girl, I forgot it would be a foreign term to our eastern Pacific/Western Atlantic chums. I remember being stumped for months on what a 'stick' of butter was!!

I'm intrigued by Breea's Baked Spagettii, bring it on, girl

And Frittata for breakfast is one of lifes civilising pleasures for Sunday brunch. We often make it with rashers of bacon laid in the bottom of the pan so you get the bacon taste and a fancy presentation, too.
We have a great product here called pizza cheese which is shredded mozzerella with sharp cheddar mixed in. Its great for omelet and the like (ie for topping big baked jacket potatoes, or for cheese on toast) cause you can chuck it in by the handful and get that balance of stringy and sharp with no effort.

Yum Yum!

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