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Heart Been gone a while

Hello everyone!

It's been a long while since I've posted at CF. Glad to see you've left the lights on

I have been keeping busy, but have missed everyone here. I developed a new program for a local community college during the past year and have been busy adjusting to life as a college instructor. It sure is a step up from teaching grade school!

Also, I re married in August of 06, and have been busy with moving into a new home and adjusting to my new life. My husband is retired from the US Army so he enjoys staying home taking care of the house and all good things like that. I'm getting spoiled I think......LOL He even cooks!

His son is 15 and my son will be 13 soon, so I'm going to be really busy with two teenagers! They are really great kids and we've been lucky that they get along so well.

It is now summer break for me so I hope to be around more.

~ Ambs
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