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Default O/T FOX News Channelís Riveting Rita Coverage

As a weather forecaster I see more hurricane coverage than I ever want to but tonight was different. I have been hooked all night on the FOX News Channelís excellent coverage of Rita. Iíve been engaged with the detail reports from the forecasters in terms mom and pop understand while on other networks like MSNBC I almost think they are making new terms up or raided the modern Trek bible. Now this is reality TV seeing the storm roll in as the sun sets, the winds growing stronger through the hours of darkness. About five hours into the coverage and FOX is still bringing in the fresh prospective. I appreciate the detailed reports covering the re-flooding of New Orleans with getting overly dramatic. Damn I have to get up and stretch my legs. I have been so riveted to the Rita coverage I forgot to do my nude yard work tonight.
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