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Default Re: Ralph McQuarrie Cylon Basestar

I have finished my models of Ralph McQuarrie's concept designs for Battlestar Galactica, after many tries, I have worked on not only the Battlestar but also the Basestar, Starhound Viper as they were called in the novel and Cylon Raiders, I also plan on modelling a shuttlecraft to fit this style and it will be my last CGI model for a long time.

So in some ways, I am finishing my CGI modelling journey where I started here at Colonial Fleets with Battlestar Galactica when back in the early 2000s I made my first steps into it with Turbospace3d with the help of Steve Wilson.

happier days

The scale of these models is larger than either TV versions
The Galactica
Length: 2786'98m / 9143'7"ft
Width: 1309'67m / 4296'9" ft
Height: 367'6m / 1206'0ft

The Basestar
Length: 12209m / 40055ft
Width: 12209m / 40055ft
Height: 6785m / 22260ft
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