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Default Re: jamie lee curtis

Terrence McDonnell has talked about it frequently and that it was for the never-filmed "Two For Twilly" script which got to the preliminary reading and casting phase but then got nixed (presumably because ABC didn't like the story's bigamist plotline, taken from the old Alec Guinness movie "Captain's Paradise"). McDonnell said she got a giggle attack while reading the script.

At the time, Jamie Lee still had some Universal contractual affiliation since she'd been a regular on the cancelled sitcom "Operation Pettiticoat" the previous year. She had done "Halloween" since but it had not been released yet, I don't think.

Notwithstanding the giggle attack she got that kept her from being cast in the role, when I adapted "Two For Twilly" for VS fanfic project, I immediately chose to "cast" her in my mind's eye for the part she likely read for, which was Gayla, the more aggressive, temperamental of Twilly's two wives. (and ultimately in the VS we made the character a recurring one and eventually she became Bojay's love interest!)
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