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Default Re: "Battlestar Pegasus: A Promise Kept" Discussion Thread

This was my first Galactica fanfic story after a decade layoff that had been caused by two factors, first a sense of total creative burnout, and then personal problems. I found that the best way to ease myself back in after such a long layoff when so many new stories had been written in the VS since then was to (1) finally at long last bring the Pegasus into the VS and (2) to start with a story I wrote some 20 years earlier where a Pegasus team comes across the planet from "The Lost Warrior" and we learn what happened there after Apollo left it behind. I made some key modifications though to get the overall saga of the Pegasus in the VS off and rolling. This allowed me to get back into the VS with a story that didn't require a massive "continuity check" with other stories (since the Pegasus has been in isolation from events in the VS up to this point) and once I was back in, I could then start doing my homework and getting myself back up to speed with the events of all other stories and start the gradual process of bringing the storylines of the Galactica and the Pegasus together.

The idea that Martin, Vella's late husband mentioned in "Lost Warrior" had a Pegasus connection in the past, and connecting Colonel Tolen, the Pegasus executive officer to him, was an idea that appealed to me as well. If he'd been a Pegasus warrior who fought under Cain's command, it would likely explain why he acted so impulsively when he saw "Red Eye" for the first time.
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