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Default Re: What order are the Richard Hatch books to be read?

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
I would recommend reading for yourself and see if you can get past the fact that you will not see continuity with the episodes observed, which I admit is a big deal with me.
That would bug me actually. Surprisingly, one of my biggest pet peeves with nuGal was the fact that they got Pyramid and Triad mixed up. Petty to most non-fans (and anyone who liked nuGal but didn't like Classic is not a real fan), but that mistake told me very clearly that Ron Moore wasn't appreciative of Classic, but just saw BG as something to make money off of.

So the fact that Hatch's books get so many simple things wrong would put me off.

Now, some changes are interesting. The novel of Saga of a Star World had some changes. Boxey isn't Serena's kid. Jolly gets killed at Carrilon. I'm sure there are others, but those are the two things that I recall. I haven't read the book in many years.

So I am accepting of some retcon. But I don't know about the changes you mentioned.
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