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Default Re: Clean joke of the day.

Military Budgeting

The government has a "boneyard" for storing unused military aircraft. Fearing looting and theft, Congress decided to place a night watchman on the property.

After the guard had been working for awhile, an oversight committee realized the man had no instructions. So they hired two new people, one to research security procedures, the other to write them up.

Realizing that these two admin types couldn't do their job without supervision, it was decided to hire a department head and a manager.

The department head asked the oversight committee, "How are these people going to get paid and how are we going to know if they're doing their jobs correctly?" The committee immediately hired a payroll person and a compliance officer.

At the end of the year the GAO audited the department and found them to be $25,000 over budget.

So they fired the night watchman.
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