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Default Charged 5 pacers and 5 fans


5 Indiana Pacer players and 5 fans have been charged for participating in that brawl.

Pacer Players: Artest, Jackson, Harrison, Johnson, and O'neal one count each for misdemeanor assault and battery (93 days in jail - 550$ fine)

fans: Pawlson, Wallace, Ackerman (Jr.) one count each of misdemeanor assault and battery

fan: Green (who is credited with starting the whole thing by throwing the cup)
2 counts of assault and battery

Fan: Jackson one count of misdemeanor assault and battery and one count Felonious Assault (4 years in prison) for throwing the chair.

Here is an earlier news clip of the story

there might be more and I might have missed some stuff I came in on it after it had started but I believe this much is correct...
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