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Superman/Smallville Sci Fi Favs

Smallville- Rosetta Chris Reeve! Clark learns of his origins! Lex closes in on the cave's secret! And the message from Jor-El! BRILLIANT

Lois & Clark- Fly Hard The story told both in the presant day Daily Planet building, and in the same building during the 30's. All actors playing two parts, and a guest apperance by Robert 'Chakotay' Beltran

Babylon 5- The Coming of Shadows An amazing episode that set the bar for many outstanding episodes that followed. the outbreak of the Centauri-Narn war, and Londo taking the galaxy into the abyss. FANTASTIC!

Battlestar Galactica- War of the Gods Just pips 'The Living Legend' & 'Hand of God' as my favorite BSG episode. Patrick MacNee was brilliant as Iblis.

The X Files- Squeeze The episode with Toombs, the liver eating streachy dude who came out of hibernation every 30 years to feed. It really freaks you out!

SeaQuest DSV I can't recall the episode title, it was the one were they foud the haunted wreck in season 1.

Futurama- Roswell That Ends Well BRILLIANT! But any episode with Zapp Brannigan or Nixon's head could easily be my choice!

Red Dwarf- Polymorph I love so many of these episodes, but I'll choose Polymorph just for the shrinking underpants scene!
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