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Originally Posted by Darth Marley
Now, a few well known members of the community that have real access to DB and RH have made some comments that conflict with your news from your source.
None of us are going to abandon trust in these people because of a rumor.
Thanks Darth for that dose of common sense and vote of confidence for people that do actually know the actors themselves.

BTW, Richard referred to "an episode" singular when I wrote him a congrats the other day. Not that I really care if it's 1 or 2 more....I'm glad for any chance he gets to show off that acting talent of his.

And, KR, in the wacky world of Skiffy's marketing do you really believe that they would differentiate "several" as being more than 2 or would they use that term more loosely in a "2 or maybe more" fashion? I vote the latter, just from witnessing their general modus operandi over time. Hype are us must be their unspoken motto. Take our skepticism as a friendly warning. We've seen rumors that were so far off the map get fed to multiple fan insider sources. They were so well placed that they had to have been deliberate setups. They were felgercarb. Wouldn't want you to suffer the same crapola.
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