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KR wrote:

I thought rumors weren't facts.
Oh I see CT, they are facts when you endorse them or the site they are on (like
God forbid anything should appear on bsg2003 that is accurate, right?
What are you babbling about, KR? A rumor is a rumor and a fact is a fact. Which rumor are you accusing me of characterizing as a fact? Or vice-versa? I was a journalist for 10 years. I know all bout the difference between rumors and facts, and the need to distinguish between them. I don't know for a fact that Dirk won't be in the new show. But I have heard some rumors that suggest otherwise. This is all I have said, and all I intend to say. I have confidence in my sources, but I am content to wait, like everyone else, for the facts in this matter. And, since I readily admit that I am dealing in rumors, I have refrained from running all over the internet trying to take credit for my "scoop."

My statement was this: Bragging rights are immaterial. Facts are what matter. The fact is that Richard is doing more episodes. That fact is that is old news. So far as I know, we're both waiting for facts when it comes to Dirk's participation.

Your behaviour today has been bewildering, to say the least, but how that statement could have been taken as inflammatory is way beyond me.

*Edit* BTW, and for the record, I have nothing against I rarely visit the site, but I have nothing against it, and would be quite suprised if they didn't have an impressive record of accuracy when it comes to the RDM show. I have not read the link to the article regarding Dirk's possible participation, but I would hope they are reporting it as a rumor, as opposed to fact.
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