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Originally Posted by Gemini1999
KR -

I think that Micheleh beat you and Skiffy for that confirmation you seem to so badly need. She posted at CA earlier this morning that Richard would be in episode #11 (not 12 or 13) - she's the one that would really know anyway when it comes to all things Richard.

I don't really see the point in crowing about whether your rumors are correct or not. The fact is when you run around and say things like: "See, I told you so" or "I was the one that said it first", it usually backfires a bit. If you give someone else the chance to say "Gee, KR was right", it's not usually as irritating - unless you don't care one way or the other.

I have to say something here - I don't know who your source is, but I had a thought.... If someone tells you something that shouldn't be spread around, or not to tell them who you got it from - generally that infers that the person's job is at stake, not just the flow of information. If someone tells me something and says not to spread it around, but I do anyway and just leave the source out... What does that say about me? Which is more important - keeping the confidence of a friend because you value them as such? Or, spreading the info around as "rumors" just to gain attention or favor from those around you? In my book, its a no-brainer.... It's a matter of integrity to me, either one has it, or not.


Amen and pass the ammo Gemini! You said exactly what I was going to say. I do not believe anything I hear until it is confirmed or denied by a reliable source. Most of the time its a rumor or a figment of someone's overactive imagination!

Kudos to you too Peter and CommanderTaggert! You guys can back everything up that you say with facts!

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