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Originally Posted by koenigrules
I thought rumors weren't facts.
Oh I see CT, they are facts when you endorse them or the site they are on (like
God forbid anything should appear on bsg2003 that is accurate, right?

What usually happens is there are rumours and speculation on our site (CA) which usually leads to some lively, often heated debates and then the truth comes out.

I knew that Richard Hatch was considering a part in nuGalactica before there was even a whiff of it on the net but I kept my mouth shut about it until it was official.

Being in a position on the cusp of BSG fandom (which was a complete accident I'd like to add) means I've had to keep schtum on a lot of stuff, some of it has been complete felgercarb while other things have turned out to be true.


"Battlestar Galactica will never happen again the way that it was." Laurette Spang
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