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It's a good thing....

If they don't air the episodes in the proper order, Skiffy's gonna get a boatload of complaints. There are a lot more fans of Firefly (me included) than there were at the time that Fox gave it the premature ax. I don't think that they would want to ire them at this point as it will be the same audience that's waiting to see Serenity in September.

This is good promotional material for the movie - it gives them the chance to introduce the series to people that either didn't see the series on Fox or didn't bother to buy/rent the DVDs to catch up. I'll be interested to see what Firefly pulls ratings-wise even though it's technically a repeat show.

I'd like to think that there might be more to Firefly/Serenity's future than a 3 movie deal if it takes off.

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