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Default Aliens on your phone this Christmas...

Merry Christmas all(!)

Just dropped by to wish y'all well and leave yet another of my extremely silly anecdotes for ya's (some of us have /way/ too much time on our hands I guess ). Hey, a smile's better than a tear, no?

Anywho, for those of you who feel like doing something crazy and funny this season, this daggit's gotta humorous little prank/time waster for ya's.

What you'll need:
- One wireless home phone
- One cellphone
- A funny bone that won't quit and a spouse that doesn't care if you're nutty

How to make aliens call you:
- Pick up the handset of your wireless phone and hold it in your left hand
- Pick up your cell phone and hold it in your right
- Dial your cellphone from your wireless home phone (which you are holding)
- Keep both phones within arm's reach (you might need to experiment a bit),
and in hand
- Speak into your left hand/wireless with your face pointing away from your right hand/phone. An appropriate "Greetings from Planet Booloo" or similar works well I find
- You should hear a flying saucer sound coming from your cellphone, and a weird alien voice repeating everything you say.

It may not work with all phones, but I'm using a 4.7Ghz wireless home phone and a standard Verizon/LG cellphone, and it works greeeeaaat. If you have pets, an alien meow or bark will keep 'em confused and bemused for a while.

That's it! Yep, I have WAY too much time on my hands. And I (obviously) amuse easily. But you knew that...

Lots of love and silliness,
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