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Default The Last Word Becomes the First Word

Once out of boredom did I invent a word game on another message board which became a cult hit among the masses of the Jedinet Council boards and now the merged Galactic Senate. Although I am not bored here and now, I am bringing my classic here to be either savored or shot down from disinterest. Only time will tell, but like the Two Worder and Last Word games, it is fun to play and keep going.

It goes like this. Each person makes a statement, a sentence, a quote, a question, or whatever, and the next person has to take the last word of the prior person's sentence and use it as the first word of their own.

-Use the last word of the last person's sentence as the first word of your own, as either a statement or a question.
-No double posting, please.
-Have fun.
-Always put the seat down for the lady of the house when you're done in there.
-Don't blow your nose at the dinner table while other people are eating. It may not bother you, but some people are sickened by it.

Here goes:
Use the last word as your first word, and make your line interesting.
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