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Default Re: The Hobbit - "The Desolation of Smaug"

These movies angered me.

(NERD RAGE) !!! :P

Hobbit was all about small creatures making a big difference in the grand scheme. A lowly Hobbit, a unassuming Thrush (bird), a lowly archer. A great tale.

In this you get a whole lot of "get out of the way Hobbit!" And the main character becomes a secondary character in his own movie. We need fight scenes! We need LEGOLAS!!! (Who was not really in the tales). And we need a love story that also did not exist.

And that Thrush (the point that pissed me off the most), ok... fine! We'll let the bird help them find the secret passage, but have that same bird tell the weakness on Smaug? Hell no!!! We need to have a great action sequence where the archer spots the weak point on a dragon way off that is flying at great speeds! AND... AND... we need to have the archer make an on the spot fix to his bow that simply would not have worked.

And later in the in story, when the Hobbit is knocked out, we need tons and tons of fight scenes!! Big armies!!!!1!!11!!!

Uggg. I really want to edit out all the GARBAGE this movie added and make a good Hobbit film. And I almost could, but the scene where the Thrush tells Bard the Archer the vital information is not there.

Meh, I still might try an edit all the same.
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