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Default Re: Tron Legacy

I saw the 2D version, my husband and daughter (our resident videogame addict) saw it in 3D. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Listening to her talk about it, made me remember just how amazing the 1982 version was, especially when you think about them programming each pixel for that one.

I last saw the original TRON a few years ago, so I missed the Dumont reference. I thought Legacy was wonderful visually. Now Jeff and younger Jeff looked real beside each other which I thought was a wonderful thing. I also thought Jeff's acting was fantastic: too bad a sci-fi film couldn't get an Oscar nod because I think he's in a place where his work is Oscar-worthy, regardless of the story.

Loved the light jets, loved the many leveled light cycle course. Loved the rescue. How Kevin's prescence affected the grid he'd begun and the "programs" was pretty cool.

I liked the story even though it was more confined in time than real time emotions would take to process. I loved the whole climax battle and how characters were changed by it.
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