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mono, I liked the first one, even though it didnt do hundreds of millions in business, it still pushed the envelope of special effects etc. The original Tron, is a classic, it spawned toys, games, etc (It had a story line too) was one of the ah ha movies. Not as big as Star Wars, ET etc....but it had it niche. I was 10 when it came out, yes I was more into Star Wars, and BSG but, it still was goooooood.

Now to legacy, the special effects, great, but.......weak story line. It could have been so much better, I watched forbidden Planet the other night, cheesy as it had a story, it had at the time great special effects etc. What I see, movies have lost alot as special effects have come into its own as an art form. They spend more money on the EFX and not in the story line, Disney was relying on "our legacy", of people who liked the first one....they figured "big bucks", lets do it. With out a strong story, Tron legacy is just another movie, one that will not be talked about in a few years. Sadly, it could have been one for the ages, it could have grown from the first, and developed into something amazing, which it didn't. For the budget it had, it was a poooooooor movie, now if it was made for 30 or 40 million, they i would say cool chit (still wouldnt be a instant classic). This is just like the original Star Wars Trilogy compared to the newer set of 3 movies. Poooooor movies, and that even had a story line, that it could have developed more, but again relied on special effects...yes they made money....but they will not be talked about in the future and are barely talked about now. Can anyone say Jar Jar?
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